About Us

Welcome to HotCoinPost, your go to place for all things blockchains, cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity in Web 3.0. We want to help individuals and businesses to get into the world of decentralized tech and stay safe in the digital world.


We want to simplify the complex concepts of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity for everyone, regardless of technical background. We will provide comprehensive, unbiased and up to date information on the latest trends, technologies and best practices in Web 3.0, so users can make informed decisions and protect their digital assets.


We want to be the go to source of information on blockchains, cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity in the Web 3.0 era. We see a future where individuals and businesses can get into the world of decentralized tech and stay private, secure and in control of their digital assets.

The Team

Our team of experts and enthusiasts are passionate about the power of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0. We come from different backgrounds, software engineering, cybersecurity, finance and education which allows us to bring different perspectives and expertise to the table.

Our team includes:

  1. Alice Nguyen (Founder & CEO) – An entrepreneur with software engineering background, Alice has been in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since its early days. She is passionate about making these technologies accessible to everyone and building a more secure and decentralized digital world.
  2. Dr. Ben Smith (Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Expert) – Ph.D. in computer science, Ben is an expert in distributed systems and consensus algorithms. He has been involved in the research and development of blockchain technology and wants to educate others about it.
  3. Sarah Parker (Cybersecurity Analyst) – Cybersecurity analyst focusing on Web 3.0 security. She helps individuals and businesses to protect their digital assets by sharing her knowledge of best practices, tools and strategies.
  4. Carlos Rivera (Content Strategist) – Writer and communicator with finance background and interest in cryptocurrencies. He breaks down complex topics into simple content, so our users stay informed and educated. From Lisbon, Portugal.
  5. Emily Chen (Community Manager) – Social media enthusiast and blockchain advocate. She manages our online communities and engages with our users. She is always eager to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the space and share them with our community.

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